The err-or of hubris (Palm Sunday)

One morning, just as the dew began to disappear from the parched ground, mom and I stood next to our master’s house, lazily picking at some blades of grass that sprouted from a recent crack in the wall. It was about a week before the old city down the road would celebrate it's new year. … Continue reading The err-or of hubris (Palm Sunday)

Quarantined Church

Why do we quarantine, keep our interpersonal distance, or have lockdowns? As I understand it, the reasons are to keep whatever THE REASON is for the quarantine, distancing and lockdowns (in the case of the year 2020: Covid-19) from spreading. Also, in collaboration with other measures and precautions, hoping that it will die out, or … Continue reading Quarantined Church

The err-or of Indifference

“What is the opposite of happiness? Sadness? No. Just as love and hate are two sides of the same coin, so are happiness and sadness. Crying out of happiness is a perfect illustration of this. The opposite of love is indifference, and the opposite of happiness is—here’s the clincher—boredom.” Timothy Ferris I spent a while … Continue reading The err-or of Indifference

Die regte tipe ‘brandstof’

Die engelse opskrif van Jesus se groot oproep in Matt 28:18-20 is: "The great commission." Die definisie van 'n "commission" is: opdrag, instruksie, of 'n spesifieke rol vir 'n groep mense. Jesus het presies dit gedoen: Hy het vir sy dissipels die opdrag gegee - "gaan na al die nasies" - met ander woorde: "moenie … Continue reading Die regte tipe ‘brandstof’

Richard Beck – The authenticity of faith: varieties and illusions of religious experience

The book is aimed at producing a new kind of apologetics to answer the question “why believe in God.” This new kind of apologetics is not trying to argue, as classical apologetics did, the truth of religious claims [ontology and epistemology] – rather it argues for the possibility of an authentic faith experience. An authentic … Continue reading Richard Beck – The authenticity of faith: varieties and illusions of religious experience

Searching for God…knows what

Consider the following comment: "The fact that 'God's will' has been brutally misused throughout the ages for selfish gain and personal agendas, does not mean we have to stop searching for His will altogether." Sprung from the musings of a committed Christian, we don't have to limit them as such. Consider, at face-value, that we can accept … Continue reading Searching for God…knows what